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Its not as though swingers to the west of armley would not currently venture a further 5-10 minutes down the road to quest.Chuckle have to agree but it's good to see another club starting up " Although its not that far from me, its a shame its in Leeds again, where there is already one very successful club and a regular house party.I adore quest but it's usually the same faces there.Chuckle have to agree but it's good to see another club starting up " Very true variety is the spice of life.Natürlich hätte die Sau mir lieber direkt ins Maul reingewichst.Doch was ich mir einmal vorgenommen habe, das bekomme ich dann meistens auch.You'd have though that they'd maybe run a hoover around before the take pictures for their website though. Cal"Club looks good, but I do hope they vacuum the place before it opens. However, it looks good, and I'll probably give it a go.

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Prices are not too bad, website will need an overhaul at some point as it's your shop window to the world and at the moment it's fairly basic as you could do better in word or Power Point. But good luck to them, it takes quite an investment to put all that together. I am sure we will try it in the future, however we hope they have done the club to a much higher standard than the website.As la chambre has cpls only Saturdays and quest has alternative cpls only Saturdays.So who ever has cpls and single men Saturdays is going to have a captive market in West and south Yorkshire.So dominant ich auch kleine Wichser mit meinem Maul entsaften kann, so verhurt werde ich kleine Sperma Sau dann auch vollgespritzt.Mein Outfit war diesmal einfach nur göttlich für diesen randvollen Wichser.) but some location variety would be good."Manchester has 3 or 4 clubs , leeds only had the one up until now Next nearest is going north towards Newcastle at club f, or South to Sheffield Given the large catchment area it might mean some people decide to venture to the new place from york , hull etc which both have a big swinging scene despite not having a swingers club ! Just hope the proximity to residential areas doesn't prove to be an issue.


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